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Nov 30, 2002
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Bath time again. We had to beat the heat somehow and I did the three that were "suffering" from heat the most. Sonny, due to his old age, he's having a horrible summer, Nick, because I swear his black absorbs the heat really badly, and of course Holly who has to be careful these days. The others ones I'll do tomorrow.

Here's Sonny. He didn't want me to stop hosing him off.


Here's Nick. He was really so hot, he enjoyed this a lot.


Holly loved her bath too of course.

How does she look now?
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After two days of digging mud out of the stalls, Holly seemed very relieved to return to the privacy and comfort of her own stall with fresh bedding under her fan.


And last but not least, anudder udder picture. I don't think we are doing too well in the milk department right now.

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Oh so cute!

Good for you, Marty, all your horses look HAPPY!!!

you should be to!

How did you get your minis so use to baths? how did you start.. my one likes them.. but the other.. is so scared(He snaped his halter to weeks ago.. & we were going slow!!
) could you pm me & help?

I hope Holly "pops" soon! she looks like a ballon!
Gosh Marty,

Your horses look great!! It looks like they are very appreciative of getting their baths.

Holly's udder is not real big but then it could be because this will be her first foal, I have had several mares that haven't developed a bag until after they have foaled.

Now we will be looking for the bath pictures of the rest of them, tomorrow!!!
Love that NIck! I have a black and tan mini Dachsund, and yes I think like you the Black makes it worse..

Buddy too. Buddy rolls so much I swear he's going to roll his skin off, he gets sprayed daily and no skin problems, just we have one area outside the barn with almost sandbox type sand in the shadows and it's cool

I really envy you the washing stand..I don't have water out at the barn, I plan to beg for a free flow well soon:)

In past we did our own, but too old now and money is tight right now..laying in hay for Winter already, farrier due again, (we have Shortcake done every 4 weeks and Buddy every 6-8 weeks)

Add my own medical bills, well you all know..but I will have that well some day..for now till Winter we have a hose drug out to the barn from the house and that works.

How do I get off subject like this

Guess I just like talking to you all.


Everyone looks so nice. I still LOVE that Nick! Thanks for the photos, keep them coming!
I love all of your horses. They look wonderful. I need to start double tieing coco during bathing ..maybe he would stand still. lol but it would be my luck he would lay down.


[SIZE=14pt]MArty Honey from that bag you look to be still about a month away.[/SIZE]

Hey there Marty, gosh everybody looks nice!

That Nick is a handsome dude.....seems to have that Papa gleem in his eye. I think he knows

I think the fetus will be a healthy happy tiny gut feeling. I see 3 maybe 4 white socks and jet black coloring.
I say she will fool us all on delivery.....
They all look wonderful and I bet they were really appreciative of that nice bath in this horrid heat we all seem to be having.

I am going to say that Holly will foal within the next two weeks. She may not be bagged up but I find she is sunken in at the tailhead.

marty i just love nick!!! hes such a handsome guy.

now after seeing the pic i have to agree with lyn that girl is not close yet. but shes a maiden so like you id keep an eye on her anyway. But thats a very small bag for a mare that would be close to foaling.
Marty my love, I am afraid Holly is going to keep you waiting a bit longer. I know a maiden can foal with that amount of bag but I would be looking for any change in the bag- I have known it go down as well as fill!!! Sorry
Oh, and my mares are all packing their bags- can you fit ten more in?? I groom them once a year after they have foaled, so they are getting quite militant!!
You're posting pictures of your "kids" without their scrunchies!!??? My Gosh...they're practically nekked!
They all look so relieved to get a break from that heat!
I've been promising my horses baths, looks like I'd better follow up on it or they might all run away to YOUR place Marty!

Holly's tail head is pronounced, but her bag doesn't look like much. I'd have to BE there to check her out personally (and I tend to do so about ten times a day when they are getting close) to know what I thought for sure-- and then they tend to fool us anyway.
What was her last breed date?

Oh, they all look BEAUTIFUL too, lucky horses!

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