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Nov 30, 2002
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This is Cassie and for more info check out the pony page of the forum. Thank you many many times over Lewella for allowing us to acquire this beautiful LITTLE foundation mare. More later!

Congratulations! I will go read about her now.
[SIZE=14pt]She's very pretty Lyn! I really like her! She looks like a smart thinker too. Congrats![/SIZE]
I love getting new horses!!! Very nice. Are you planning on breeding her to Steel eventually?? They look like they would match up nicely.
[SIZE=14pt]Thanks guys.... yes she will be bred to Steel too but we are breeding her to Uno first.... Lewella will get the first baby by him and then Iwill get the second and THEN we will go to Steel. I have to use Uno while I have him ....that is unless I can Convince Linda later that she should sell him to me! Linda if you are reading this..... you can always keep a portion of his little swimmers

Very nice Lyn! Can't wait to see her foals!
oops-sorry for the double post
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Lyn thanks to you I can see now why you are being pulled more and more into the shetlands

Cassie is very pretty and has a lot of style

What color is she?
[SIZE=14pt]Marty she is a bay roan. I just love the necks and legs on my double reg shetland/minis and I will have 75% shetland babies out of my mini mares next year since they are 50% shetland. Even Carbon and Indy are part shetland. Their dad is half, I own their grandma Image. Sweet tart is staying small 32 inches and I will use him on the small mars next year.[/SIZE]

We are going to miss her but I know Lyn is going to love her (she does already!).
And Lyn has the PERFECT boyfriends for her
All my Shetland boys are just too big for such a petite little gal!
And yep, I'm pretty darn excited to see what she produces with Uno and later with Sweet Tart! They ought to be just stunning! (And colorful!)

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