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Nov 30, 2002
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I've been away from the news for a couple of days and am just trying to get caught up.

Does anyone know if there was a rescue done for the horses and mules that pulled carriages around the French Quarter in New Orleans. Did they even survive????

I've been wondering also. I thought I read someplace that some were taken out but I just don't know for sure. I would like to know.

It did warm my heart to see military rescue scoop up a little dog and place it in the basket with its owner to be lifted onto a helicopter. There were two humans on the roof and he just sat very near like he was in line waiting his turn.
I am sure the loss of animal life will be stunning, we all only see the cities and towns but I am sure many Dairy farms, pig farms, poultry farms, were destroyed as well. The loss of wildlife in the area must be tremendous also. Think of all that is around you in a hundred mile radius, than all that lost. There is not a thing I can do or see or touch through the day and not be reminded for so many all that makes up my daily life is gone from theirs.
Yes the Poultry Industry took A very big hit... Some of the country's biggest chicken farms are in GA. right where the high winds and tornado's went through.. Gainesville GA. I believe is where lost of the bigger farms are. Some have been flattened with millions of chickens being gone..Ouch...
Someone on another horse list had posted some pics of N.O. carriage mules that were 'found' and were doing well. They got the pic from yahoo and of course, dork me hasnt sat down to figure out how to post them, sooooo if someone wants the pics I will email them [email protected]

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