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Dec 11, 2002
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I'd like to thank everyone who came out and spent the weekend with us in Glen Rose, TX! The Daffodil was once again a great show with awesome horses and a friendly family environment! I do have to say how it seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves and it felt so relaxed! Our ring crew did a great job of moving classes in and out despite some very large in hand performance classes! Jacky Davis (gateman), Gwen Dalton (center ringMISTRESS!), Barbara Davis (center ring secretary), and our clever announcer, Merry Wickie did an awesome job. But we couldn't have done it without our new show manager, Tracey Slagle, and her mom Chris Wait! These ladies did a great job keeping things organized on such a large show.

But hands down, applause needs to go to our judges: Cathy Brubaker, Mike McCabe (who I accidently addressed as Marvin - OPPS
It was a long day!
), and Jim McKeith! I have never had the honor of being judged by 3 such professional and friendly judges. Even at 4am! They were as attentive to the last class of the day just as they were with the first. Everyone I spoke with felt like, regardless of placings, they had been looked at multiple times before the card was handed in.

Jeanne Braganini once again was on the job and on the ball as our show steward! And our show committee pitched in where ever needed: Leah Johnson (Chair), Sharron Hinkle, Amy Moerman, Kelli Shaw-McDowell, and Karen Shaw.

Congratulations to all who had a great show and make sure to join us in October for the Halloween Spooktacular! ASPC/AMHR Club of N. Texas

Carin Ponder, Club VP
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Sounds like the show had a great group of management and judges

But, 4am
. Carin get some sleep!
Yes, after this weekend, I've learned that sleep and SHOWERS are over rated!

4am is definately a record and the show moved quite well for the type of classes ran and the number of entries. We were just a big draw with the youth and amateurs!! And we were very glad to have them!
Wish I could have been there. Sound like a fun show.

I would like the thank Leah Johnson ( L & M Service) for the great job she did showing my horse

Double Ks Farm Shoot the Moon! He had a great show.
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