2014 Daffodil Dandy...Glen Rose Tx ..April 18-20

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Karen S

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Dec 10, 2002
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Hello Exhibitors,

The Daffodil Dandy is just around the corner. You can obtain your show information at Double SS Show management or on the club's website...www.aspcamhrntexas.com. Come join in the fun!

Their will be an Easter Egg hunt for the kids so don't forget to bring candy filled eggs for them. There will also we a Easter Bonnet contest, opened to both men and women (no horses) so put your best Easter

Bonnet together!

The ASPC/AMHR Club of N. Texas is offering a NON-RATED AMHR 38" & Under Carriage driving class. You will follow the Classic Carriage rules but you CAN use steele wheeled carts. Come on out and fill this class. It will be In the Daffy, National Area V and Halloween Spooker show. A good showing could also help in possibly securing this class as a rated class for all AMHR shows. Come bring your carriages and compete

with us.


Karen Shaw
sounds like fun Karen! I added this to our Events Calendar for you.
Lucy just got word that you can drive in a wire wheeled cart to participate. This came from the committee of folks who are working on this proposal.

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