The Best Birthday Gift EVER!!!

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:aktion033: :aktion033:

That is wonderful! Both of Sid and Kim to work it out!

They must be 2 very special people. And you are really really loved!!!!!!!



Soooo......... it takes till you're 50 to train them properly? Then I only have a short time to go. Hmmm.....

Congratulations Judy!!! I know how happy you must be.
A million thanks to each of you for your kind words and good wishes. I truly am blessed to have such a thoughtful and wonderful husband, and dear friends who love me.

I've been telling Sid for years that if I make it to 50 and still have my good health, I want to have the biggest party the world has ever seen!
: Part of the reason for this is that about 15 years ago, my cousin's son died of cancer at only six years of age. My father took that death soooo hard, and the things he said to me at the time made me realize how fortunate we all are to live as long as we do. I've also known and heard of so many people who don't live to be 50, and I'm grateful that I have. I really do enjoy all the jokes and fun about being "old" and being "a half century" and all that, but I mostly Thank God for my good health, my family and friends, my beautiful horses, and the zillion other blessings in my life. Thanks for adding to all the joys in my life.
:aktion033: Wonderful husband + wonderful horse = one AWESOME birthday! :aktion033:
What a wonderful surprise....I am so happy for you :aktion033: :aktion033: Mary
That is by far the best birthday gift ever!!
: Judy! And what a wonderful husband you have! I wish you the very best for many years to come! ~Jessica
Ahhh Judy.......

Mirage is home. Period. I miss him terribly, his little muzzle poking over the door, his bright eyes googling at the feed bin, his little squeaks at the other geldings when he's out, and the FIRST one to meet guests at the gate. Soooo many friends have dropped over this week and have asked where is"the nice white one".

I bawled my eyes out clipping him and bathing him the morning of the delivery, but what made it all OK was the sight of Judy knocking people over to get to his stall in her barn. Of course when she sobbed, I was done for. I have pics on my camera (which of course IS NOT IN THE CAR ALAN!!) and will post them tomorrow. Bless my friends and may Mirage bring you more purty babies.

Speaking of purty are awfully nice colts Mirage put on the ground (no not biased)!!

The reason I am posting today, is right after we dropped off Mirage, we whipped around, drove back to Ottawa (round trip 1100 KM) and then loaded the trailer with our Hackney and headed off to a big show in Barrie this weekend (another round trip of 1100) km. I am at work and asleep at the switch LOLOL.

But I wanted to pop on and add my congrats to the Bakkers, and I know you will look after the little white ghost with all your heart.

Thank you Mirage for the great memories. I miss you.

Oh, Kim. Now I'm crying all over again. Nearly a week later, and I still can't hardly believe he's here. I can't thank you and Alan enough for sending him "home" again. Bless your hearts.
How wonderful for you to have Mrage back. Yes, your husband deserves his new title and I sure can tell you are "tickeled pink."

Happy Birthday,

Well first off....

: .Happy Belated Birthday Judy!

& way to go Sid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :aktion033: :new_multi: :488:

Congrats on bringing home the beautiful boy!
Oh, Sunny, I loved reading your post cause the excitement and joy just lept out at me! BIG Congratulations and way to go Sid!


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