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Aug 18, 2012
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My gelding was seen by the dentist earlier this year before the start of showing season and all looked well, he did not see any major problems or any problem areas that may form later. We happen to notice a few months later as we were cleaning them up for their first show that he had a nickel sized lump on his lower jaw towards the outside back. It was hard and did not seem to hurt him and still doesnt to this day when we push on it to see if we can get a reaction.

As of today it doesnt seem to hurt him but we noticed him acting weird at our last show earlier this month, he acted like he didnt even want to turn even in the corners. Then today when I finally got in the cart it was almost like I lost my turning control with him even though his mouth was completely soft and he wasnt fighting me. I wonder if that bump has something to do with it because it was almost over night this problem we are having turning him started. We did check his flexibility both way and this horse could touch his butt if he wanted to he is so supple and flexible so its not his neck.

After worlds is over we are going to call the dentist to come out and take a second look at him but until then has any one had something like this happen or have problems with teething bumps?

put a photo below of what a teething bump looks like but if you take this one and move it to the outside in the same area thats how my geldings is.
How old? Often times tooth bumps are an issue in a horse with retained caps, remove the caps and they seem to resolve. Not saying a horse with tooth bumps always has retained caps, but sometimes when they have bumps and issues at the same time, they have retained caps, and once the caps are removed the other problems resolve with time.

and, what about his wolf teeth, have they already been removed? They sometimes cause issues in driving horses. [As some confuse them... I'm talking wolf teeth, the little tiny teeth right in front of the molars that are hard to see; not the canines that are in the middle of the interdental space mostly in male equines (occasionally in mares).]
He is a coming 4yr old in May, we had his teeth done before we started him in the cart. I cant remember about his wolf teeth if they were removed or not an issue at all for him, I would have to double check. Ill definitely post an update when the dentist gets done looking at him.

We did check yesterday for any packing or abscesses in his mouth and we saw none plus he is eating and drinking fine at all, not losing weight etc.

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