Teeth Problems and Tooth Bumps

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Apr 28, 2006
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Columbia, SC
I read the "best of" forum on this subject, but was looking for some more experiences with this.

My horse is in the 27-28" range, and he has some MAJOR tooth bumps and seems to be having a hard time fitting all the new teeth in, in general. He is at the vet today getting x-rays because there is new swelling over one side of his nose, and we hope it's not because of his teeth (but it likely is). Last time he got x-rays, the vet said that while the baby teeth were approx. 3/4", the new teeth coming in were about 1 1/4", with not a whole lot of space. My horse is turning three this month and this started probably at least 6 months ago.

So my question is, is this something that the smallest horses usually deal with because their heads are so small in proportion to their teeth, or does it have to do with the genetics of the individual horse? Have any of you had a hard time with new teeth with your tinies?
Bump... I've only had one tiny, and she's doing fine at three years old and 27.5" tall.

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