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Okay i was stupid and went and looked at Doc Taylors page for his annual production sale. Someone shoot me! LOL.

Anyone know what his horses normally sell for in this sale?
Yeah, and thanks to Kay I spent quite a while drooling over some of those to be auctioned off. Not that I can afford it or anything, but I'd really like to know what kind of prices could be expected if anyone has gone to their sales before.
We have been in the past and this is what we have seen ponies go for.

Prices can be as low 300 all the way up to over $5000. Most of the ones that go for the really high price are the double registered ones.

His sales are always very nice and fun.

Karen Shaw

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Burleson Texas

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Double registered mares tend to go from 2,500 - 5,000

Classic/foundation mares tend to go from 1,000-2,500

classic geldings start at approx 300 - 1,500

moderns have gone from 500-2,500 depending on quality and who's bidding

It's a fun sale to go to, and you never know when you might take one home !

Im going.... there will be new pics posted of them clipped before the sale. Sam and Matt will have them done. I have my eye on three including one I named. Of course I only will be able to afford one but the one I think that will go the highest is Wrapped in Silver...she is Pesos daughter. I bet she sells for around 5000. Next I like Me Too Generation. She is also double registered but big ish. Shirley is my absolute favorite Classic mare and then the girl I named Rag Time Gal. I know her full brother personally and he is awesome. Teddys sister is very nice as well. She is solid grey tho and I have enough of those. I will be dropping off two of my mares to be bred to Steel who is there for the year.

See you all there!

see tami i knew the ones i want would be the high dollar ones LOL i always have champaign taste
oh man there are a couple fillies on there i would just love to have in my barn
[SIZE=14pt]The Blueprint to Success mare that is on there... her sister Blueplate Special was bought last year by a friend of mine for 5300 dollars! She was my favorite last year. I think that the first three on the list right now are going to go for between 3000 and 5500 with Wrapped in Silver going the highest. Bruce measured her and she is going to probably mature around 33" like my Sweet Tart. Teddy is Father Dowling and his sister Sister Sue is a really nice filly too I guess she will go around 3000. She is going to be a B. The little princess filly is half sister to Sweet Tart and she will stay an A size too she will go for probably 4000.[/SIZE]

Kay Kay I have some phone #s of Hotels in the area if you need them. Doc said he is putting them up on the sale board soon.

If you look at the Taylor Pony site you will notice that Doc was named both Modern and Classic breeder of the year! We want to congradulate them for that!

thank you lynn!! that princess is the one i want
yep shes my pick of the litter. We got to kinda meet doc taylor at congress as patches was stalled in the same row as doc taylors horses. He was so busy we didnt get to talk much but boy was it fun watching him and his horses! And patches would have loved to jump in a stall with one of his stallions LOL. she was a mess wanting that guy! they were flirting the whole time we were there

I saw that message about him getting breeder of the year. I cant think of anyone more deserving.

I sure hope im there but dont know if i can find that kinda cash by May
[SIZE=14pt]AWWWW Come on along. You never know. The buyers might all want pintos and since PRincess is solid...... you might get her for a bargain price and I will have to pay lots for a nice pinto. I will only have about 2500 any way so if I cant find something for that then I will go home with an empty trailer. The Taylor family is awesome. Shirley is so nice and so is Doc and Abby and the kids..... just a really nice family. Lets wear forum buttons how about it![/SIZE]

One of the ones I really liked was Shirley T... although there were MANY that made me just want to mortgage the house... lmao

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