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Jun 13, 2004
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outside Edmonton
Ok so my horses have started to chew and eat their shelter and fence and anything wood in sight. They have always nibbled at it but now they are eating chunks :DOH! . so I'm really thinking they need some minerals. Right now they get a 12% complete feed, grass hay, a little bit of corn oil and ground flax. What do you think would be the best?..oh and also something we can get in canada lol

Edited to say: Their feed is spread out to four times a day and they have both a salt block and one of those orange/brown mineral blocks.
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They may be doing this out of boredom vs. a nutritional issue (?). Is there a way you could feed them hay more frequently? Not a larger amount each day, but the same amount spread over maybe three - four feedings vs. two?
Equest Range Horse Blocks--that's what we've been using. The horses like them and they are an excellent mineral supplement!

Recently we've been using the Co-op Horse Mineral blocks too. They are also an excellent product, but the last while the price has been going up $1 a month and I don't think they're worth that price any more. I'm still buying them for the horses that get only grass hay (the Co-op blocks include calcium w/phosphorous in balance) but for the horses that are getting alfalfa mix hay we are switching back to Equest.

You should have no problem finding the Equest in your area; I believe it is manufactured in (or near?) Edmonton!
I feed all mine Hoffman's minerals. Its a loose powder (I think you can get it in a solid/tub as well which would have molasses ) and I just offer it free choice or when I can't do that I blend it into their grain. Since I started using Hoffman's the beaver syndrome has been greatly reduced here.
Oh and it too is made in Alberta (or was originally) so should be easy to find at the feed stores. They have a website and it I think tells you who the suppliers are.
Jill- They are all ready fed four times a day. i'm thinking they need more of something rather than boredom as they are getting out more and more each day and its just getting worse. Normally they chew a bit in the winter and pretty much stop this time of year.

Minimor - They have two different kinds of salt/ mineral blocks so I think they need something more like Hoffmans.

Reignmaker- We were thinking of getting Hoffmans as it is really easy to get here and I think even the feed store where I go to school carries it rather than having to make an extra trip to Edmonton. How much do you give?
When I have the option I feed it free choice (some will refuse it at first so if yours do just pull the salt for a few days and then once they start eating the Hoffman's give it back) When I'm forced to feed it with the grain I sprinkle 1 or 2 tablespoons depending of the horses size into the grain or pellets. A bag costs a bit but lasts forever. I have 13 minis (and until recently a pony and a 42" mule) and a 1/4 horse and I get at least 6 months from a bag. Now that I'm only feeding the minis I expect to get much longer.
OK I think I'm going to use the Hoffman's...I only have three mins..all of which are under 32 inches so i dont think it will be costing to much extra and if that's what they need then it's no problem at all. I've never had a problem getting them to eat new things so it sholdn't be much of an issue. I think i'll try feeding it free choice at least untill I feel they have what they are missing then I might just add some to their food.

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