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Nugget has a slight parrot mouth, which tends to cause a ramp at the back of the mouth. But he said floating once a year is enough to keep it maintained.
Even though this vet is far away, I will probably go back. He loves horses and is building an equine hospital.
He said both of my horses are too fat. I will put them in the dry corral for a few hours a day.

Anytime it's winter and someone says a horse, especially a mini, is too fat, I just have to ask... Did the vet lay his hands on them and feel through their coats? Feel their spine, hips and ribs? Many look at minis in their woolies and deem them fat, when reality could be far from it when you feel through the fluff.
I don't worry about a little extra chub in winter, I live where winters can get darn cold, so they need it to stay warm.
I blanketed 3 equines today, two have never been blanketed before. We are 20 below, which has happened before, but today's chill is something else. I blanketed the senior stallion, he's needed a blanket before; wasn't shivering in his stall, but put his blanket on before turning him out. Blanketed the donkey, she's never worn a blanket, nor have I seen signs she was cold, til this morning, she was shivering; she wasn't thrilled with the process of being blanketed for the first time, but sure didn't seem to mind when all was said and done. And, one mare got a blanket this morning, she was shivering a bit and happens to be the thinnest mare, so a bit of protection is probably in order. Oh, and hubby dropped their round bale in their feeder, so they have plenty of hay.
It's funny to put a blanket on them the first time. They are nervous about it, then end up loving it. I put one on Nugget for the first time back in November. We had a cold rain and he was shivering. That blanket was scary, but I could tell he was happy with it once it was on.

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