Super 14, how has it worked for you? Pics maybe?

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Jun 22, 2012
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I just bought a supplement that was suggested to me for Jazzy's hopeless coat and mane. I read up on the reviews from people with all types of horses. They said it has worked like a charm for them in a month or two. If ya'll have used it before or are using it, what are your reviews on it??? Im so excitedd to see if it makes a difference to my "ugly duckling"
I've used it, once about 30 years ago--I much prefer ShoGlo if I want a commercial preparation to put a nice coat on a horse.
Super 14 is as old as I am an I have used it for many years back in the day. Its a very good product and you will see results however by all means do use your brushes too daily! I totally love it. By the way it smells so good makes you want to eat it yourself!
good product, but don't give too much like I did almost 20+years ago to a weanling to get her ready for show.Major colic and almost lost her.I think it is soy bean based which can cause constipation(does for me)
I hope im not giving them too much? It said for pets (dogs and cats) 60+ lbs should get 3 tablespoons (as much as the serving cup that comes with it) and the lady who recommended it to me said to give him 3 tablespoons. No problems so far except for the fact that Jazzy doesnt like anything new (he gets it from me
) so i have to hand feed him new things. Like when we switched him from junior feed to purina mini feed, i had to hand feed him the mini feed for a couple of days. Bentley loves Super 14 so much he licks his bowl clean. I had to hand feed Devil yesterday but he can eat the grain with the supplement by himself now. Going to see how Jazzy handles it at dinnertime tonight and hopefully dont have to hand feed him again.
I found a huge difference just adding black oil sunflower seeds. Talk about Shiny! My mare, Dolly, got dapples in places I've never seen them before, her coat color darkened and she just started to glow...

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