Storms anyone?

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Feb 6, 2008
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Hopkinton, Rhode Island
We have been having major thunderstorms since this afternoon. The storm was right over our town, it was pouring, with thunder that shook the house, and bolt lightning that lit the sky.

Now, Im really afraid of thunder and lightning, and where was I in this storm? Stuck in the barn!

It started while I was in the barn and I was afraid of being struck by lightning our something if I tried to walk back to the house. It finaly slowed down and I made a mad-dash to the house.

We lost power for a few hours, not as long as they expected but still, a few hours is a few hours. We just got our power back so I was wondering, Anybody else having crazy storms????

I got stuck in it over by the malls and it rained so hard couldnt see and then it hailed, I have never seen Hail that big, and the roads flooded in minutes, I found place to pull over and waited for it to let up and then the ride home I must have gone thru half dozen road that were flooded and was like crossing rivers, Did you see on news that there was a water spout on the bay near Barrington. This was craziest weather I seen, I know we really need the rain, but all at once....JANE

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