Stolen Fillies - What's the Status?

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I too have been thinking about them and where they might be. It has been a pretty bad week for alot of the horse owners. I sure hope it gets better real soon.
this sure made me pay more attention to the comings and goings on our place...I hope they are found soon can't imagine loosing one of my babies
..I wish we would hear something....
I just recieved that email today, and I was thinking that that must be horrible!!! I think that would be one of the worst possible things to have happen. I hope they find them!!!!!!
Just added an UPDATED thread concerning the missing fillies. Spent the afternoon out a Jans with a TV Station camera crew. Hopefully we will get some leads from this.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayer.s
Did you by any chance get updated photos too. I looked on net posse this morning and sisnt see anything about them being stolen.

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