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Aug 12, 2005
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Clovis, NM
For the people that have indoor stalls what size did you choose to build...I noticed on the prefabs they generally have 4*8 or 8*8. So I was curious what sizes you chose and why? I am getting ready to build stalls for my new buddy and others to come
Thanks in advance for everyones input. If you would include pictures also that would be VERY appriciated
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Build as big as you have room for taking future considerations into account. My stalls are eight by twelve. and the partitions are removable to turn it from one to four stalls. Once The last two were gelded and fitting in they have all been running in and out of one single stall twentyfour by sixteen. They all seem to get along and there is no friction so it appears I wasted my time putting in the stalls.
LOL ya my original intent was to have one big 12*20 stall with a 20*20 run. but if I get another mini or so I want to be prepaired. My future goal is to get a I really want to be prepared to keep them seperated plus like everyone else said they are addictive and figure I will want a mare after I get a stud and so on. LOL
10x10 is a good general size. For foaling you would want at least a 12x12 stall.
My yearling mini stallion has an 8x12' run-in shed. At the moment, half is filled with hay, so he has access to 6x8' and he seems to have plenty of room to move around. If he was to be shut-in, I would like it to be bigger, at least 8x8'.
I keep the horses in pairs wherever possible, and they live in 12x12 stalls with free choice access to attached paddocks. The paddocks are 24 x30, except one of them which is 20 x 40. I can close them in the stalls if need be, but that is a very rare event. I also have one smaller area with an 8x8 "barnlet" that I will use on occasion. It is a very comfortable size for all of the minis, wouldn't want to go any smaller.
All 10 of ours are 10x10 and 2 are 10x20. Wouldn't want to go smaller then that.
The barn we built ourselves had 12 x 12 stalls and it worked out great. We were able to put in temp dividers if necessary, but usually we buddied up horses that got along.

Our new place also has 12 x 12 stalls because it used to be for full-sized horses and it STILL works great.

The larger stalls are a definite must for foaling, as was posted above, plus if you ever plan on makes your barn much more versitile.

When you think about it......considering the size difference between minis & full sized horses...... a mini should do just fine in a stall 1/3 to 1/2 the size of an average full-horse sized stall.

My stalls are mostly all 8 x 8 (even the foaling stalls)....and they have more than enough room. (these are stalls....not "run-ins") I have one bigger 8 x 12 stall that I can separate into two 8 x 6s....and even that size is plenty roomy for my smaller minis.

You need to consider the size of your "minis" too. I breed for the smaller ones (adults ranging from 27 to 32") which would of course, require much less room than a 38" mini!
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Thank you so very much for everyone's input. In thinking for the future I plan on making 3 stalls out of a 12*20 shed that has great ventilation including a window with shutters and a door. I drew up some figurations and the first is simple (2) 7*8 and one 6*8. The other configurations is one with angles so they are bigger using more space. Here is a picture of the drawing I made to show you what I mean.

My barn is a using barn and it's there for thier protection against bad weather. So when bad weather sets in any form be it rains, heat, storms, hails or snow, I want my stalls to be big enough for them to be very comfortable and still be able to jump around in it to exercise themselves so they do not get sick, in the event that they are in the stalls for a few days at a time.

My stalls are 12 X 12 and 10 X 10 and I will not have them any smaller.
I have one 10x10 stall that my minis go into together. I am making another stall that will be 7x8 incase we get anothe one or if we have to seoarate them due to injuries, etc. I used my big stall for my big horses along time ago. The farm I got them from had some big stalls and some stalls that were probably 5x7 for their Stallions. Their donkeys were in make shift stalls, but most of the time they are together.

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These titchy-tiny stalls are all well and good until the animal has actually to spend some time in them- as in bad weather- then you will need bigger, for their sanity and your peace of mind. I was never happy with my Arabs in 12 X 12, and they were only ever in at night. The new stalls I had built were 20 X 18 and both I and they were far happier. Rabbits stall at the moment, which he spends two hours a day in , is 12 X 8, and he is happy enough in it. His run in, which he has free access to, is 8 X 6, and it could do with being bigger- he is not relaxed enough to lie down in it, which means that, unless he lies in the mud, he does not get to lie down in bad weather.
For our current barn, we went with standard 12 x 12 stalls, for resale value, even though we thought we would NEVER move. Well, we are going to now! So having a barn with stalls big enough for big horses is worth it. We have some stalls with removeable dividers, making some of the stalls 6 x 12. And for many of the 12 x 12's, they are shared by two horses, although I have doors to outside runs also, that are kept open pretty much 24/7.

We plan to do the same with our new place, as it has worked out so well, and I really like the bigger stalls.
[SIZE=10pt]I plan on having the panel stalls. I do have a big horse barn now and don't like the closedness of them. I found this company in Texas that makes several Miniature panel systems and round pens. I will have the stall panels with 2" X 4" welded wire. They will be 4' tall. The minis can see each other but not get hung up in larger welded wire. I can change the sizes and shapes as needed. For those who might be interested.... I am trying to send a link... Allison[/SIZE]

Miniature etc. Panel gates and stalls
I have 8 stalls in my show barn and 6 of those are 10x10 and the other 2 are 8x10. Each have a 10x35 run attached.

My 3 Foaling stalls with cameras are 10x15.

My outside pasture horses have access to sheds but are never shut up unless something is wrong and they need to be.

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