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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
Well I went and fed this morning, checked Chrissy who was next due to foal, she showed no signs of foaling today, went to church and when I came home found a little black bundle of joy in the run in shed outside. Chrissy foaled a gorgeous solid black filly that may appy out as her sire is a leopard appy. I didn't have time to take pictures until later when she was dry as I had a birthday party to go to but you can see pictures of this girl on my website in foals section. Help with names would be great. Her sire is Iles Spotted Fever and her dam is Benview Christina. 6 foals down, 2 more to go but not until June and August so I get a little break.
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Thanks Mona. She is a real nice little girl. I cannot wait for her to be a few days old to see her unfolded. Now the tough part will be choosing a second filly to keep Wonder company as we are keeping Wonder as she is off the stallion I lost last May. I have 3 to choose from.
Any name suggestions for this little girl. Her sire is Iles Spotted Fever and dam is Benview Christina. Thanks!

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