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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
Well this morning Sharptails Peanut Butter foaled a gorgeous pinto colt sired by Goat Hills One For The Books. Pictures are on my website in foal section. I could only take 2 sadly as my battery died.
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Yes he is quite strong. I am just happy he arrived safely since my dad is in the hospital I never checked the mare yesterday at chore time like I usually do. She had it in the run in shed. My husband and I put them in the barn since it is supposed to rain for a few days.
I never checked the mare yesterday at chore time like I usually do.
That's why she had it then--they're always waiting for that opportunity.
Congratulations on a healthy boy!
Yeah, they can be sneaky. I knew this mare was due for a colt as her past 2 foals have been fillies so had a name kind of picked out for him already. He is such a nice colt.

Edited to ad name I am thinking of calling him: SPH Bookers Just A Tad Bad, barn name Tad.
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Congratulations! He is marked up nice and a cutie.

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