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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
Polyps causing the problem! Have you ever heard of this????????

It is a young foal who has poo problems, during second examination discovered polyps in his rectum. We have aggravated them by trying to make him go by giving more enemas (sp). Now the polyps have swelled and are irratated. So yes there will be those cases where by when you keep giving them to the horse, it can cause problems.

Have the foal on a few things for inflammation and pain. The good think he does not act or appear to be colicy.

Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Vet says he should be fine, will go away on their own.
Can you use preparation H?
No. seriously. My dada had polyps and used tucks pads and prep H. Really Carolyn. You have GOT to wite a book about 2005 at your place.
It seems with the minis we are learning something new all the time! I appreciate you sharing too. I will be interested in how your little one does with this. Lavonne

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