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Aug 17, 2017
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Wyoming, USA
(Hopefully mini mules are welcome here as well

Executive Summary: if you have miniatures that are on Adequan or another IM joint injection, what is the dosage, and how often do you give it? The vet who did my mini mule's surgery put her on a full horse dose of Adequan, every two weeks. Given she only weights about 250 lbs, that seems like overdoing it quite a lot, even with the amount of damage/arthritis she has.


Thistle is a molly mini mule, that, as a long yearling, broke her femur right at the stifle end growth plate. It was misdiagnosed as a major tendon/ligament issue - she already had moderately severe locking stifle issues, and the initial xray didn't cover where the break was. After five months with no real progress - I know tendon issues can take a long time to resolve, and the vets kept saying, "tincture of time" - I got a second opinion. Long story short, she immediately had surgery (late Feb 2016, included a human grade plate and four screws) and is now just past the six month mark post surgery. The break is healed, but due to the delay, she had both bony growth and resorption in the patella and parts of the femur head, causing significant arthritis in that joint. Her patella, in particular, is pretty gnarly looking on Xray, but the doc said she'd end up with more problems if they "cleaned it up to look pretty on an xray".

Now, she walks/trots/runs on it as well as she is ever going to - there's some mechanical lameness due to the damage - but she still won't put full weight on it, standing, without pain (it's a bit of a fight to clean the good rear hoof). I think the not standing on it is probably arthritis, and it continues to bother me, though the vet seems less bothered... considering talking to another vet about this.

As mentioned, she's on a huge dose of Adequan for her size, but I'm still not sure it's helping as much as it could, so considering ... pentosan, I think is the name... which is why I'm asking about dosages for both.

Video of Thistle walking, 11 August.

Thistle with her buddy Yankee, helping me clean the water tub...

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Jul 26, 2006
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upstate NY
Wow, you have been through a lot with Thistle. I love her name
I don't have any help with the meds but just wanted to say it looks like you've done a great job with her. The video was great. She looks happy running and gives me hope for my mare.

All the best,


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