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Mar 21, 2005
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Holy cow, every time I drive into town gas has gone up!

Two days ago it was $2.56 here. Yesterday it was $3.09. This morning - $3.19. This afternoon $3.39!
Yikes! I can only imagine what it will be by next week!

Is everybody still able to make the trip to Nationals? At what point would you have to say you're not going?

[SIZE=14pt]Tulsa or bust![/SIZE]

Im going with a friend an splitting the cost of gas but it will still be high. My thing is only if they ration it out then I guess I will be done to far from here.
We are incredibly fortunate to be just a few hours from Tulsa. If I was driving across the country, I'd likely have to stay home.

I wonder how many cancellations the RV Park will have (they were FULL)? In most cases it's going to be a LOT cheaper for people to pay for motels and NOT drive their RV's
Our RV's (ours & Dreamweavers) are going up Monday, so they will be ready for us to roll in Wednesday with the horses and kids. I shudder at filling up and driving that 34" motorhome even our short haul!!!!

Unleaded is $2.99 here RIGHT NOW. It will likely be more by the time I leave work. Diesel was $2.57 Monday. It's $2.89 right now .
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With these prices might have to move closer to all the shows ha!
Still cheaper there than here in Ontario. This morning the gas was 1.19 per litre. I think if I d the math correct that works out to be 4.51 per gallon. Boy, that just about makes me cry, nope down right BALL.

Good luck to all those going.

I had to park my Ford F250. I just filled the tank....

it was over 100 bucks....

Gas here as I left work today $3.39

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I stopped at a service station this morning and watched a Chevy Suburban on the other side of the pump filling up. He was traveling and going to fill both tanks of his vehicle. He stopped the pump at $190.00 and he was not full yet. If I was faced with fill ups like that I would just park it. It had already reached the point where we take the more fuel efficient of the vehicles when we go anyplace.
I filled my truck 2 days ago and it was $2.57 in Pa cost me $38, in NY today in Addison it was at $2.99. My son wanted to go to the store and I said too much waste but he paid $10 to go 50 miles so I did but explained not again as gas is becoming too expensive. Now a days I just don't GO anywhere unless I have a store...Edna's.....sawdust...home. Once a week. I made a tank last 2 weeks doing this. I just don't know how folks who drive a distance to work can afford to GO to work.
Luckily I am splitting fuel costs with several other people, so it does make it more bearable (and we have a two day drive to Nationals). It will be expensive but I'd rather not just give up all of my entry money and besides--- I've been looking forward to Nationals for a LONG time. Afterwards we can tighten our belts.
Good luck to all that are traveling.

Last night gas was $2.69 This am it was $3.17 This afternoon the bulk supplier that delivers to the farm called before filling us and their cost wholesale jumped to $3.53 !!

per gallon

They didn't even dare to qoute our cost. And no we decided not to fill up. Maybe it will drop next week.

We are still going, but opted to stay in a motel instead of taking the motor home. We were planning to share the motor home with a friend, so instead, we will share the motel and ride down with her and share the fuel as well. We figure that at the current prices, the fuel will cost about $600 to bring motor home and if it goes up, well, we are only staying 4 or 5 nights and the motel will be cheaper---maybe way cheaper.
I am splitting fuel with friends and at this point even with gas going up will be cheaper to go then to lose all my entry and stall fees
Gas went up .20 in one afternoon, Regular is $3.01 per gallon and rising..... We quoted transport charges in June for horses we are hauling on our trailers. I did have a couple drop off due the high prices BUT we probably will not make our costs for just gasoline so it might come out of my pockets. I suppose I could go back and re-bill, split between thoses going but if you buy a airfare ticket and it doubles, the airlines don't charge you the difference. It's definitely taken a big bite out of my business and if this continues, everyone will have to re-evaluate their show season next year.
I had been planning on going and splitting fuel costs with friends but they both had unexpected vet and truck(new trans..ouch!) expenses and had to bow out. Coming from Oregon that's a 4 day trip and probably close to $1500 in I bowed out too! It would have been fun to meet everyone but just not economical! Do I want to move closer to the big shows???? Not really! I wish they'd move closer to me!
Well for Canadians travelling to Nationals the U.S. gas prices will be a "bargain" even with the exchange rate. This morning our gas is selling at approximately $1.30 a litre (3.78 lires = 1 US gallon) so that is $4.91 CAN a gallon.
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Danielle_E. said:
Well for Canadians travelling to Nationals the U.S. gas prices will be a "bargain" even with the exchange rate.  This morning our gas is selling at approximately  $1.30 a litre (3.78 lires = 1 US gallon) so that is $4.91 CAN a gallon. 


Now THAT'S putting it in perspective!!! OUCH!!!
sure hurts the pocket book BUT for those in England are paying higher than $6.00 U.S. a gallon
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We are supposed to go but it's getting questionable...

The person who was suppposed to share gas expenses with us backed out today and there is talk of gas rationing....