So, whatdidyoudothisweekend?

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Nov 30, 2002
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On Saturday morning Jerry and the boys began

to dig ditches to lay the electric wire to the new

barn. We really needed a Ditch Witch to do it,

because we knew it would be hard digging into

this hard ground with so much rock, but we

decided to do it by hand anyhow to save us

some money.

This is Jerry and Michael digging the first section

of it from the house over to the barnyard.


Then Jerry hooked up an old plow to my

little garden tractor and Dan plowed his

brains out with it trying to get through the

rock in the barnyard with it. I got left the

sissy part of it and got to thread the wire

through the PVC pipe. They must have figured

that I couldn't mess that up to badly. Atleast I

didn't get shunned back into the yard this week

to make more picket gates!


On Sunday, Jerry and I went around to all our

fencing, that was temporary and we tightened it

all up and finally made it permanent. It had been

sagging for the longest time. Then we ran

our hot wire and got it all back working now.
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Marty.....I really like your cool arched picket gate entrance.
It really looks neat! Sounds like you had a good productive work weekend. It was hotter than a pistol in Iowa. But I made it through and worked early morning and after super in the soybean fields. Can you imagine we pick up rocks out of the field and haul them to a pile, where eventually they will get burried. If I had a dime for every rock.....I'd be rich.

Well, I see everyone was trying to stay cool in your pics but no Marty in any pics. I suppose you were sporting a tube top and don't want to share those pics......right?
I love to tease ya.....because you are a good sport!

I'm real happy you were able to get more progress on your barn. I know you've been working hard......keep up the good work. It's going to be the best barn ever and you will enjoy it and all your Brave Little Prancers too!
Thanks for sharing your news, it has been a cruddy day here and it's nice to hear some good news.
Marty.....I really like your cool arched picket gate entrance.

Oh thanks Russ for the nice compliments. That arch thingy is another one of my inventions. I was trying to have a little English Country Garden theme going on here. It's just some vinal lattice that I cut out to fit. It's held together with two PVC pipes. I rammed some steel rebar in the ground, and left about a foot and a half exposed. Then I shoved the pvc pipe down on to it and it holds the lattice in place. Then I used pieces of hot wire to hold the pvc to the lattice. Then last night I accidently ran into it with my garden tractor and tore the whole thing up. Got most of it fixed. Did I ever tell you that I cannot drive anything without getting into trouble?

OH yea, I was on "pick up rock" detail yestarday in the barn yard and had to haul loads away to my dumping place. But with today's rains, there's more again. I think I grew them?????

No pictures of me in my tube top......It's not the traditional tube's the tube off of the tractor tires.........
Wow Marty - things are really starting to come together there! I really can't wait to see your barn finished.

Can't wait to hear news about Holly's new foal too! Been keeping you all in my prayers.

Me - I drove home from Sioux Falls, SD on Saturday - 15 hours - by myelf - I go every year to visit my sister and her children. Had a great time as usual!

Sunday, John and I did a bit of shopping and then we went to our daughters new home as she had invited us for supper! It was very nice and we are very proud of her and Andy.
Saturday was SO nice, 70s with nice breeze. I was cleaning the barn, Bob was moxing the op yard above the pasture when I heard silence and cussing. He hit another post and broke it thus the entire top line came crashing down cuz the others were rotted. Luckily it was the small square I don't use often and had no horses but I hot footed (as much as I hot foot anywheres
) up there to see how bad it was. BAD! SO...we walk down load up the new soaked posts extra wire an tape, the pike to dig and the sledge to pound. 11 posts later I was dieing and DONE. Barn never got finished but the poop got out. Sigh.

Sunday was HOT! I went to the Horseheads AMHA show and met Barnbum. That was so nice, we chatted for hours. Poor Laura, the show was SO unattended and over by 2:00. BUT I left at 1:00 too hard for me to sit for long. Hi Barnbum.
Very nice Marty, Need to have you and your crew come build me a barn!!

We ended up re doing the Donkey stall, into a Hen house. Have the 2 month old chicks in their now. Its' ugly, but works.

Then DH & DA, put up the canvas 12" by 20' Shed out in the main mini pasture for Donkey & the Icelandic. Bought it at Costco, at a very good price. Would post pictures, but for some reason, I can't get to my web site. Sigh ~ ~

Will do the Fjord horse shopping this coming Sat.
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mountain_waif said:
Our daughter's sister in law was thrown thru the window in an auto wreck Saturday night.  She is in ICU, expected to recover but it is so sad.  She is only 16 and the driver didn't make it.  She is broken up really bad.  Please keep Jessica in your prayers.  She is a beautiful strong young lady. 


Sending prayers for Jessica, how sad. I hope she recovers, and quickly, poor girl!

We had a family get-together on Sunday, it was so nice. The rest of the time I've been trying to get ready for the show, leaving in a couple of days and still have a TON to do, like clipping two more horses, finish clipping the other two, pack, etc... guess I'd best get off the computer and go DO it huh?