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Lisa-Ruff N Tuff Minis

i asked on another thread but was totally the wrong thread so it didnt get answered.

I read in my dec i think it was journal that there would be a Novice class catagory at Nationals did this go into effect or was it just sort of being tossed around?
[SIZE=14pt]Lisa, I didnt notice a Novice class in the premium did you? I dont thiink they can add the class once the premium has been printed. Maybe its going to be discussed at the meeting for effect next year???[/SIZE]

I didnt but didnt pay much attention and dont have my premium book anymore so thought I might have passed over it. I think it is a WONDERFUL idea and hope they implement it soon.

It said in the Journal that anyone who got 3 ribbons in ANY class at any Nationals wouldnt qualify so what a great way to give those who havent gotten a ribbon a chance
[SIZE=14pt]Not sure I understand that.... In the Arab world once you got 3 blue ribbons in any class you can no longer go into novice. It was for people that had NOT gotten blues before. or not more than 3. Maiden class was no blues at all.[/SIZE]

Does that sound familiar?

Hey Lisa....

I looked in the premium book and I didn't see Novice class. Novice class are a GREAT idea ! !
Are you sure it was for "Nationals" Lisa? I wouldn't think there would be that many true "novices" who would go to Nationals.
No lyn it was different then a maiden class those I know about

I am not sure Dona if it was a proposal (although why it would be written in the journal i dont know) or something that actually happened but yes it was for Nationals hmm maybe i imagined the whole thing lol very possible

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