So. Cal. Fires

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I just went to and read about the fires. Scary!!!! When will all this tragedy going to slow down or stop?????

Prayers are with all of you.

I have plenty of room for horses if anyone needs help.

Horse Hugs

It is very scary and sadly they are very overdue if that is the right term even for a fire. Usually these ones end up all the way down thru the canyons and at the beach if it is windy.

I used to evacuate those areas during wildfires

Horrible to feel so helpless sitting here while i have so many friends with horses in that area
I just hope that everyone is pro-active and evaccuates their animals and children even if the threat is remote. Much better to err on the side of caution than to be too late.
Yes, people have been terrific with the evacuation here. Just read: In shelters right now are 86 horses, two llamas, two alpacas, two goats, 22 dogs, six cats, two birds, one pig, one turtle and an unknown number of guinea pigs. Pierce College has 56 horses.
I'm afraid, with the guinea pigs, there will be an even larger number to be collected than was handed in- it only takes one wrongly sexed male..........

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