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Apr 14, 2004
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Langley BC
I had my little stud training at a farm for a show and when he came back home he had a snotty nose. The trainer wasn't concerned and said it was just a little cold. I put him on some aposulfate pills I already had and this did not help. I has been a couple of months now, I thought it was getting better but its getting greener now. What should I do?
Call your vet! I feel it is important for ANY ANIMAL owner to have a repoir with a vet. This has been going on for a "tab bit" too long. Green is usually a sign of a serious infection. Does he have temp? Even with no temp a horse can have phenomonia. They can die.

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I DITTO Beth's post. If the snot is green, it's a serious infection and needs a vet's attention with antibiotics. Sounds like it's gone on too long.

Once again many years ago anytime a horse was loaded on a strange truck or was in a strange barn we always gave them a prophylactic shot of combiotic. Our vet suggested it was the best way to prevent horses from getting and carrying unwanted bugs home. A strange animal was kept separate for a minimum of two weeks. We always found it was cheaper to be proactive than reactive.
I has been a couple of months now

Holy cow......couple of months

Do not self medicate this horse anymore.

You need to get on the horn and have the horse seen by a vet and examined completely and very soon.
Mine had a snotty nose for about a week, but the snot was clear to white, not green. I called my vet and he said to give it about a week and if it didn't clear up or he was coughing persistantly to bring him in. Luckily Percy's cleared up in about 6 days, I would definately call a vet, green snot is not good.
Snotty noses.. clear not to serious.. white needs watching.. yellow be concerned.. green you really need a vet like now.
Since he was around other horses could it be shipping fever?

I had a yearling filly last year that had perpetual snots. Always white, never green. Had the vet with her several times. He finally came to the conclusion that it was allergies. Quit showing on the filly, turned her out, let her grow and toughen up, and she is at the Nationals now with a dry nose, and it has been dry all year! However, if your horse has green coming out, you better get the vet quickly. You don't need to give minis a lot of antibiotics anyway. It can kill the good bacteria and you could have a grade a colitis problem. Our rule here is no antibiotics unless the vet says so, and then pray. We have lost one of our minis before because of too many antibiotics, prescribed by a veterinarian that wasn't familiar with mini medications!

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