Since Dreamer will not be home for several days, we

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Jun 16, 2005
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She was a Mother's Day gift from Art Last Mother's Day 2007. When Dreamer comes home her cam will go back on and the cams will auto rotate between the two of them, until Miranda is too close not to watch all the time. Miranda was bred May 6-----June 6, 2007. She is starting to bag up and is to herself more in the pasture, and with your help, when we bring Dreamer home, we need to pay more attention to her. We are projecting her due date to the last day she was bred. She is a very sweet mare, not quite the momma's girl Dreamer is, but she loves people. Thanks for helping us watch her...Theresa and Art

This is Miranda..

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[SIZE=10pt]I'll be watching her - and Dreamer too!!![/SIZE]

I will be watching Miranda, she is a pretty lady too!!

Cant wait to watch her and Dreamer on cams...
She is lovely and though I will not be able to help watch, I send good wishes your way!!
Sure am hoping for a good update this evening.


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