simple solution to help revive a foal

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When we were trying to bring my colt back i was using my mouth over his mouth and nose. My friend ginny pulled up and opened her foaling kit and had the best thing i have ever seen!! it was a small water bottle with the end cut off. You put the cut end over the foals mouth and nostrils and blow in the end you drink in. I couldnt believe how much better it worked then my way. It seemed to force air into his lungs much better then mouth to mouth did. I had never heard of using this and thought id share it with you all. THANK YOU GINNY
Thats a very good idea...something else to add to the foaling kit oneday hehe...Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing at such a sad time for you.
Great idea! Thank you for sharing that. Sounds like a homemade oxygen mask?

what size water bottle was it do you know? i know mini babies are tiny so i'd want to be sure to have the right size.... definatly something to add to the foaling kit!

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