Silver smokey black or sliver black ?

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Mar 10, 2012
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This is my new boy who will arrive in august but wondering about his color. Is he silver black or a silver smokey black ?

His dam is silver black and sire is palomino.

Here hi is as a foal:



And newer pics:

Wow. So cute! I'm of no help but I can't wait to see the responses you get. Looks a lot like my foal born last weekend.
He looks like a darker version of my silver bay.
Once you get him clipped the color might show up better, but he looks silver or maybe even silver dapple under all that dark fuz.
The cream gene can technically "hide" on black based horses so no one will know without testing.
Visually he is a Silver Black. There is no way of knowing if he carries the Cream gene without testing, or unless he has a CrCr parent- do you have any reason to believe he is Smoky?
The reason I maybe believe is that he don't look like the silver blacks I've seen so far (he's much more dark in his color and mane) . But since I'm kinda new to the miniatures and their colors I think it's better too ask others who know more
One of my mares is silver black and is the same colour as him; silver blacks can present as having a dark brown coat to having a smokey grey coat. But, like others have said, get him tested to see if he carries cream


and with her colt from last year (a smokey black) can better see her really blonde forelock

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Here are some new pictures of him. Now I'm wonder if he's silver at all. His mane is so dark at it's roots


I would say that he is definitely a silver black, but as the others have said there is no way of knowing if he has a cream gene as well unless you get him tested.

The coloring of the silver blacks can vary so much. Some are very dark, almost black, with silver white mane and tail. Others are more a chocolate brown, some are quite "gray" in their body color. Some have much darker manes and/or tails--instead of a silvery white some have mane that is more a "dirty" grey shade, or even kind of a brown/light gold color--any of those colors can be a regular silver black, none of them indicate that the horse does or does not have a cream gene.
Newer pictures. Now I don't think he's cream anymore. But will have him tested later just to have his color on paper if he'll be breeding.


What the heck can I do to fix his affro mane ? >__<

He is beautiful

I don't think there is anything you can do to fix is main. Lol. Some of these minis are just like that, I have toned them down before by using the clippers to trim back the excess but most of the time I just leave them.
Pretty silver black
. Marty just posted something new she tried for afro manes and tails lol. I had success with the ethnic Olive Oil conditioning pak and the spray. Then yesterday he found something to rub his mane on and now has little fingers sticking up again *sigh*. My silver black girl had three seasonal colors and it looks like yours might do the same.
I'll be interested to hear if you get him tested, My guess is that he is smoky silver black.

Susan O.

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