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Pitter Patter

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Apr 8, 2020
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Kingsley, Michigan
I am a new "mini parent" to 4 little lovies, but I also have a Welsh Cobb pony that I have had for several years now. Only one person has been able to safely ride him, a 15 year old girl. She was a neighbor girl's best friend. They rode tirelessly for hours and although we have a saddle for him, she rode him bareback and bitless. He adored her. When I got him he was dangerous but with natural horsemanship he settled down well but will no longer accept a rider. (Unfortunately the girl died in a horrible car accident). However, he does have an interesting habit, but not being experienced I haven't been able to test my theory (plus I didn't have a cart!). Whenever I bring the wheelbarrow into the paddock to clean, he will sometimes very carefully back himself up perfectly between the wooden handles and wait there patiently. I ask him if he's ever worked as a pooper scooper and he just looks at me ;). So, my question is, he's not a riding horse, but would it be plausible to think he's a DRIVING pony and maybe even likes it? I just bought a cart last fall for my mini. Do you think I should put that in the paddock to see what he does? I am a bit worried he may trash it though. Any thoughts? Also, could the same cart be used with minis AND a Welsh Cobb? Thanks
I have a welsh pony too :). He is Section A or a tiny B.
A mini cart will be too small, both in length and width for a Cob. What you could do though is lead him with someone else pulling the cart next to him to see if is cool with it.
What a fascinating (and partly sad) history of your Welsh boy....We have a Welsh mare (section B) and they do have LONG memories, which makes me wonder when you got him? If he was an adult, perhaps he was trained to cart and enjoyed it?

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