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Feb 3, 2004
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Do it naked (the horse I mean) no halter or lead rope.

Trystan CAN as of LAST NIGHT. I love this BOY!!!!!!

Used to have a QH mare you could do that with.....she was a killer showmanship horse, would stay right with you, do her 360, all with the lead tossed over her neck. It's fun isn't it.

wildoak I train all my horses Q.H. and Minis that I will show to do it this way makes your patterns look flawless.

Trystans biggest hurdle was the 360. I think its a BOY thing.
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Isn't it a blast !!!! My Over gray gelding can do all his classes without a lead. fun to do Hunter that way too. It actually saved me at the AMHA World show last year. I had my Palomino gelding and for some reason my chain came off in the Am Hunter class during the second jump. finished the entire pattern without a lead... but was DQ'd because of faulty equipment. But I thought he did great finishing the entire jump pattern without a lead.. by the way- I LOVE Trystans halter !
[SIZE=36pt]Big font woman says I love that horse and doing it naked is always a good thang....... lol[/SIZE]
Marty I hope this forum realizes what a TREASURE YOU ARE!

You make me laugh ALL THE TIME!


TOWMOW jumping I haven't tried. My mini mare would stop DEAD, and then mosey off to find something ANYTHING to eat. My gelding would run me over FIRST and then go find something to eat. My stallion would FREAK and REFUSE the jump and then go find something to eat.
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