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Feb 12, 2005
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i was wondering if there was an age limit for showing minis...... and also are the minis only aloud to be 34 inches? thats what it says on the AMHA website,....

buddy(my black stallion if no one remembers) has great conformation,........... but hes 26 years old,...... i've never shown minis so i dont know,..... so if you guys could answer my question that would be great.

and also,... i would love to show our little filly, but she has one big problem,... she loves to bite. she walks on a lead perfectly, lets you pick up her feet, etc. but she's a brat. we give her toys and things to chew on,... but she prefers people... do you guys have any advice?
[SIZE=14pt]Hi MAryann, The amha rules only allow for a 34 and under mini. AMHA has two categories A which is 34 and under and B which is over 34 to 38. There is no age limit. In the jr division horses are 2 and younger is 3 and over. 26 is however pretty old to be competing anymore. Dicipline that filly for biting you. She thinks you are her buddy and not her mistress. That has to change.[/SIZE]

Yes! Discipline that filly now! It will only get worse..sounds mean but walk beside or stand beside and if she offers to bite or lip you QUICK elbow, not to hit her but to let her hit herself. Pretty soon that won't be fun anymore, will get boring

Anyway that's what I saw on a Pat Parelli tape and guess what it works! Worth a try, and I feed NOTHING by hand, not grass for a treat, not grein to catch, not a treat, EVRYTHING goes on the ground or a feed tub..stops her looking for something to bite on in peoples hand.

That't my best I have to offer , Hope it helps..good luck, Maxine
AMHA has two categories A which is 34 and under and B which is over 34 to 38.
I'm sure she meant to say AMHR for this height.

Wanted to add I had a stallion who bit in the same way.

His was stress. Just did not like to show. He is a good boy, but just don't take him anywhere. Maybe look at that type thing too, and good luck!

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