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Jan 28, 2018
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Hey all! New to the forum and to the world of raising and showing minis. I've loved horses since I was about 3 but riding was never in the cards for me. So I moved onto the dream of mini horses. I did the research best I knew how at the time and purchased 2 mares and 1 stallion about 4 months ago.

I've got all the paper work in order for amha and amhr for all 3. Things are going smooth and my stallion has begun his training. My end goal is to show as well as raise and sell foals.

With the new year I'm now looking ahead to summer county fairs as a starting point for showing. I have zero experience showing horses. I've always owned horses but they were just my big I have zero clue on where to start with showing my minis in fairs.

I would be doing only halter classes. I could really use some advice on what to expect during shows and what would be expected of me and my horse.
Welcome to the forum Fluter00.

There are plenty on here that show , so hopefully someone will stop by and offer some advice on showing.

Are there any local shows around you that you could go and have a look at? It would give you an idea of how shows run in your area.

The only advice Ill give you is "have fun"

Cheers from Australia
Welcome to the forum! and congratulations on your new horses. County fairs are a wonderful place to start. I think I'd start by googling what's close to where I live and that way you can find show schedules, entry forms, and rules etc. If I knew where you were located I could point you to some local Miniature Horse clubs who may be sponsoring shows close to you. Once you find out what's expected then you can focus on the grooming..which will have it's own host of questions. There are several members here who can help you with all your questions, probably some you've not even thought of yet. I've not shown in many, many years, and never the minis, so I'm not much help
but I did want to welcome you.

Ps We LOVE photos so don't be shy with the new horses.
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I agree that local and county fair shows are a great way to start. Also, look into joining your local/regional miniature horse clubs through AMHA/AMHR. Members in your area I'm sure would be happy to help you.

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