Should I be conserned?

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Aug 23, 2007
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There are 6 geldings in the drylot, including mine. They busted a panel and got out and escaped into a REALLY big lush pasture. He hasnt been on grass since he was a weanling and he is now 2. Him and his buds were out for 2-3 hours.

His belly is huge and he has gained weight. Should I be conserned about founder? BTW hes back in his newly paneled drylot
Alex please call your vet. They may want to oil him to get the grass to pass through quicker. That is a ton of grass for a horse that hasnt had any in 2 years!! Also keep checking his hooves to make sure there is no heat. Sometimes you wont see the heat in the hooves until the next day.

Thinking good thoughts!

Alex, when you say his belly is huge, do you mean it is suddenly huge and that he appears to have "gained" weight just today? Like is he already too fat, or are you possibly seeing him bloated?

When my colic-surgery filly was sick, when I got to my trainer's barn, she looked like a balloon someone had blown up. I could not get over how bloated she was (happened just that afternoon and was extreme). If this is what you're seeing, then I'd be worrying not so much along the lines of founder, but colic (maybe an impaction -- tall grass worries me).

I've had friends w/ horses who got into the feed room and gorged on grain which was very serious and had to have the horse stand in buckets of either cold water or ice water (I do not remember which now) and dose banamine. This situation was related to worries about founder.

It is a very good idea to put a call into the vet. Given the short period of time, I think (and hope) all will be well and the short amount of time takes my worries for them more towards colic if there's an issue than founder...

Hoping for the best.
I agree. Go ahead and call your vet. Better safe than sorry. Let us know how things go.
If you're talking about bloating, it would be a safe idea to call your vet........hopefully to head off a possible colic.
How are the horses doing this morning?
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First off, they are fine.

I didnt call the vet, and waited it out. The water bucket was almost empty yesterday, they were drinking. Im adding salt to his grain so he drinks more at night. All the horses gut sounds were good, and only one had a slightly warm hooves, but he was laying in the sun all day.

I felt so wrong afterwards not callinj the vet. I checked vital signs and everything. They are flne!

I'm glad to hear all is well!

It surprised me that there "should" be concern from only a couple of hours out on grass, but I don't know enough about that situation to know that I should be surprised (ie, looking to learn as well if only a couple hours can be that dangerous).

Glad all is well and part of becoming a horseman is learning to make those choices about when to call the vet and when to just keep an eye on things. I know the things I'd call the vet over 15 years ago aren't the ones I call over now.

Good job.

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