She Foaled!!!!

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Oct 16, 2005
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new waterford, ohio
Its a colt!! I think he is a red dun. I missed the birth of him, but every thing is good, champagne past

everything, and he found the milk bar ok, as he was nursing when i found him. Here are a few pics of

him...more after he unfolds some....Thanks for looking....Tina



I`m putting this one of his eye, it is pink, both of them are like this also,

not sure of its from the delivery or not??

let me know what you think of it...

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Congratulations! He looks healthy and so cute

I don't know much about the eyes right at birth, except if the lashes are turned inward (entropion?). But I think I can see his top lashes look normal.

Have fun!!!!

handsome fellow

what color are the parents?

could he be champagne?
Congrats!! Your boy looks like a gorgeous light red dun. I have a mare that is a red dun that is just a little bit lighter than him and I just LOVE the color! Not sure on the eye thing though so hopefully somebody will tell us soon
Congratulations on your new colt. Yes, he definately looks red dun! As for the pigment, I think that will turn dark in a few days, just as it does with many sorrels.
Okay cuz you beat me this year , still waiting for mick to show us what she has hiding in there .. She is under cam 334 days today and just a real grouch...

very cute colt.

You still have crystal to foal and I think her and diamond will be running neck and neck for the may baby ..

By the way not to rub it in but I told you she would foal before u got back from
Thanks for all the kind words on my lil guy, his sire is a bay overo, and his mom is a dun.

Mel, i knew i should have called off, but thought she would wait till night to foal as before,

shows they don`t always follow a pattern!!! lol But all is good though...

Very cute little guy, Congrats! Love the pic with him and mom.
Congratulations on a healthy, cute little man!


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