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Dec 21, 2015
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I would love to hear what people are finding as the most effective ways to wrap tails that doesn't fall off over night, but allows the tail to grow. What products do you use if any?

The closest I've come to "wrapping" the tail was putting the braided end up thru itself a couple of times, putting it in a tube sock (usually 1s that were worn out for wearing anymore ourselves, not new), cutting slits in the ends to that we could tie it to the braid and then taping with folded over duct tape (so that it didn't stick all the way around the sock/tail) below the tail bone.

I braid up the tail, run the end thru the braid at the bottom of tail bone, run the end thru the loop made and "snug it down", then if really long, run it thru the other side of the braid at the tail bone and back down and thru the loop created. If needed, then fold the extra length and hold while putting on the bag or sock (a bag fits loose and usually hangs below the end of the tail - I've found tails outside the bag).


I also like the "bag" that has 3 tubes you put the sectioned tail thru and then braid that.


Sometimes we braided it up, ran it back thru the braid at the top of the tail and back down thru the loop created and didn't do anything else. A lot of our ponies left it alone - not a lot of switching, no rubbing etc.


and I often braid it up and while driving them. Their tails didn't stay up after this drive - I'd used Cowboy Magic on their tails to get knots out w/o pulling hair and the next morning the rubber bands were gone and the braids partially undone and by evening the braids were gone. But their tails looked good, LOL.


As far as what we used - I just used Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. WE usually dilute the conditioner 50/50 with water and leave it in the tail. It's meant to be a leave in conditioner, but I found that when I used it undiluted and left it in - our ponies rubbed their bums/tails - often catching and breaking tail hairs or pulling the bag/sock off and doing quite a bit of damage with that. And for snarls (have lots of "witch's knots" right now - haven't groomed anyone properly or regularly this year) - have used olive oil, WD-40, Cowboy Magic and the same conditioner above sprayed in and rubbed thru the ends before working on snarls. I have been known to take a while but completely work out really bad snarls saving 90% of a pony's tail/mane that way.

If left braided and up too long in a sock or bag (more than 6-8 weeks), the braided hair will fuse into itself and become a huge mat that is very difficult to undo. We usually drop braided tails and leave down for a up to 24 hours 1x a month when doing constant braids/growing out a tail.
The easiest, least destructive way I have found, is to knot it. Just slather on some coconut oil, loosely twist the tail and tie 1 big knot just below the tail bone. Keep it from coming loose by wrapping a headband style elastic band around above the knot, down, and around below the knot. Easy to take down and minimizes breakage. I only do this in the winter to keep it out of snow and mud. The rest of the time I keep tails trimmed to fetlock level.
I use Lucky Braids shampoo. I started using it and will never go back to anything else. It works amazingly, promotes growth and healthy hair and you only have to use a TINY bit, no conditioner ever needed. I was raised with QH's so I know the best meathod to growing is to not do anything but keep the tails clean and do not brush unless you are washing and it is wet or if you are at a show. But with mini's the style is a LONG, flowing, dragging tail. I wash my mini's tail and braid it up once a week. I stick the end of the braid through the top and then through the middle (so the end is in the center of the loop. Then I either use a small tail bag, tube sock or vet wrap. Most people will leave the tails up for months at a time but I take mine down and wash it once a week. I think the key to growth is a clean tail bone and it has worked wonders for me!
This year, I've done very little and very haphazard grooming. When I've groomed tails/manes, I've used a detangler. For the first time ever, all of our ponies have tails dragging the ground EXCEPT for our oldest mares (in their 20s). But theirs have noticeably grown as well - just not quite as much.

The only thing I haven't gotten to grow out, was the top of KoKo's tail. It looks like the old timey "broom tail" (an old term meaning a mustang or wild horse, or one not groomed/cared for). But the balance of her tail has actually been trimmed several times this year - probably have removed at least 6" in length, possibly more. And the length needs to be trimmed again...


I honestly find that braiding or wrapping the tail thins it more than anything, yes it allows for it to grow long but not thick. Since I like a long fluffy tail I leave mine alone and just keep them trimmed at ankle length so they dont step on them. Since I show I dont want them longer than that anyways.
I've always been taught to never ever even brush a tail until it was show day to minimize breakage. It's worked so well my guy has a gorgeous thick tail that drags. I want to keep it, so I've been loosely braiding at the top, tightly braiding as I go on, then just sticking the braid through once. I don't tie it in a ball to minimize breakage. Then I bag it up, and slather with mtg. I'm new to it, so we will see how it works
Dapper Dan's tail is so thick and heavy it is rubbing the hair on his rump. I am thinking of trying a neoprene tail wrap. I've tried vet wrap and it just slides down. I'd probably take it off at night.
Or would it be useful to trim it underneath, as one does a mane? Not sure I would know how to do that.
He is 24 this year, and has arthritis issues, so maybe lifting his tail is harder, since it is part of the spine.
Anyone use that sort of tail wrap, pros and cons?
Saw this the other day so thought I'd share, always make sure not to wrap too tight! This is an Arabian Stallions tail after having circulation cut off with tail bag tied too tight!Screenshot_20200609-102352_Facebook.jpg
That is certainly a graphic picture. That owner was incredibly negligent. That wouldn't have happened overnight. I wonder if that was in the United States, or some other country?
A member of the Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club suggested a method I tried today on Dapper Dan. Braid the tail, then pull a sock up. Using a baby diaper pin, pin the sock then close the pin and go through the braid, pinning the sock on the other side. I will check on it later in the day to see if it stays in place. There is no constriction on the tail bone at all. I used a sock-thing that pleats my broomstick skirts, but it is too long so if I think this method works, I'll buy some mens tube socks.


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