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Jan 9, 2005
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I ordered a bottle of Seramune after reading about it here, and was worried when the post office left it unrefrigerated and I received it on the 4th day after shipping. The folks at Valleyvet returned my email to say that it should be, I have to hope that it will be.

Does anyone have experience with this issue? Also, do you give it straight out of the fridge to the foal, or do you warm it a little first?

Thanks for your help!


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Nov 30, 2002
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If the bottle was still cool, you should be okay..........

It does need to be stored in the fridge but we bring the amount to use up to room temp. before feeding.


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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
I poured 1/2 a mini dose (think minis should get 75ml over 2 doses -- so like 35 + 40 or however you'd want to split it)... I poured the 1/2 dose into a container and put that container into another container of hot water and warmed it that way.

I'd ordered it to have on hand and thought it sounded great! I gave it to my colt and filly and feel it really energized my colt.

HOWEVER, I can tell you first hand at the recommended mini dose (75ml total), you cannot count on it to give your foal all the IgG protection he or she needs. We had an IgG pulled on our filly several times as she needed 2 plasma transfusions before her IgG levels were where she needed them dispite the fact that she got about 80ml of the seramune (so a little more than is recommended, and she was very small at birth).

She's doing fine now but based on my experience with the product this season, it's not something I will plan to have on hand going forward and not anything I feel people are safe counting on.

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