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Dec 8, 2003
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Sandusky, OH
Well, We found out today that our mare is not preg. Thurs night we were for sure she was in labor. She had colustrom (sp), and had the bloody discharge and was down pushing and grunting... No baby so we had the vet out to see what was going on. He checked everything out and could not feel a baby. She had a false pregnancy. What we figure happened is that she absorbed her baby and retained fluid and went through the full pregnancy and had the "foal" that night, at least in her mind.

It is sooo dissapointing, this was going to be our first foal and we were looking foward to it for a long time.

At least it seems that she is alright now.

Thanks for reading,

So sorry to hear about your dissappointment! my daughter's mare went through a false pregnancy for this year. We bred her in June and will be getting her preg checked on wednesday.

Best of luck on your next foal! jennifer
Oh how sad! I hope your mare will be okay, and you too of course. I know how disppointing that can be!

I am so sorry for you... :-( We have had that happen where the hormones don't let go and the mares go through changes as though they are still bred. It is very frustrating. Are you going to try to re-breed her for next year?

Take care,

Ginny Long
We are going to wait till next yr to rebreed her. We are going to have her flushed out before we rebreed her and since we will have to wait 30 days after that it will be to late to do it this yr. Plus i want her to recoop. Not sure what all this did to her.

Alisha514 I know your disappointed well. Been there a lot these past few years.

All I can tell you is to never ever give up hope.

I do believe that these things happen for a reason far beyond our wisdom. When it happens, it will happen. That is when you know it was meant to be. Until then, hang in there because when you finally do get your little baby, you will realize then how well worth your waiting was.
I am sorry that you will not have a foal. Had to be a big disappointment to say the least. Sending best wishes that your mare will have healthy foals for you in the future.
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I understand just how you feel ..Your not alone... it is a heartache just like if the foal died waited so long...

So sorry;((

I had my arab mare bred about 6 years ago.. she did the same thing.

I had planned for that foal for 5 years. I remember I was mad at myself for not seeing it and feeling like a fool waiting. But even my vet did not know it was false.. mares they can be tricky. And rememeber she was waiting for her baby too. She be upset for a while mine was.
Thanks everyone for there words of support. It is so nice to be able to get on here and have others to talk to about these lil guys. And to know that you are not alone is really nice. Once again Thank You.

Sorry for your disappointment, it's a long wait to have that kind of ending. We had a chocolate lab years ago who went through several false pregnancies. She always seemed so bewildered when there were no puppies.


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