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We did a lot today.. some ground driving on the road. Working on just being in the road. Then later I did her tail.. and some very confusing clicker training I need to set plans when I train. I just get very confused and mix up a bunch of different techniques.
I want to do a day trip with both my dog Anne and Rosie but it would still be in our neighborhood. I have a whole route planned, we would start at our trail then go to the neighbors long trail turn around then go through their other trail that goes through their property to the road. After that we’d go to the end of the road, turn around at the end, and on the way back go through the same neighbors shorter trail then end up right back at our barn. All of this would be about 4 miles, but I live in the mountains so the trails and the road are all up and down.

I was thinking to start training for this by taking Rosie on our road (which the whole trip is 2 miles) every week once or twice. Since I’m mostly working on our driving skills (not in cart yet).

I’m starting the training now because our weather has now gone back to being pretty mild.
I want to now on how I should add up the miles after she gets use to the 2 miles without getting too tired. Without doing my whole route I want to do the route the first time as a big adventure not as just work.

*note both my animals will be in packs for this trip. And I’ll probably pony my dog to my mini.
Hi from Connecticut. I think you're little Rosie is adorable. If it's not too much trouble, I also would love to see your progress with Rosie by way of a journal or just a post here and there. I am trying to work with my 2 boys that I have had for a little over a year now and have looked to others' journals and posts for guidance. I know nothing about training horses, so anything I can glean from posts is very helpful to me. I also love to see photos of minis, just because they make me smile.
she really is a sweetheart

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