Roll call: Who's attending the Central Point, OR

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Dec 1, 2002
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We are!

I should be there the day before the show starts, and will have my boys in tow (two leggers) and a Crabby Chicken girl, too.

As for horses, at this point, it's Mouse, Lailah, her daughter, Lark, and maybe 2Bit and her daughter, Rogue, who are for sale!

Should be a wild four or five days of showing!

I always enjoy this show, and this year they added an AMHR show along with, so double the fun.

See you there!

Liz M.
I won't be making it, have to work 6 days a week and with people quitting I don't have people to cover for me.

But my Yearling Over Stallion will be there for the R Show with Syndi Kanzler of the Triple Heart Ranch.
I wont be able to make it either.
They really need to put in a road that is a straight shot East/West from Southern Idaho to Southwest Oregon

Phantom will be there with Syndi Kanzler showing both A & R

Good Luck Liz & Rob (and everyone else)!!!!
Sandy(sedeh) is showing R and I will be there but not showing. I want to see the auction on Friday night.
[SIZE=14pt]I'm pretty sure we are going to be there on Friday. I don't show but we like to go watch. Just look for a fat lady about 50 with mostly brown hair and her skinny husband
and our 12 year old daughter real long brown hair and pretty, or so I am always told she is. We drive a dark blue Ford F150. [/SIZE]

Hey Nootka are you still bringing your hyperbike cart?
Jo, I could do that!

I will probably have a nice mare w/me that is broke to drive, too. Last time I was going to bring it to a show, I forgot it! *LOL*

It doesn't take up much room, though, so I will try and remember.

Look us up at the show. We'll be around, somewhere, I'm sure.

Hey Liz,

I've never met you but I'd love to meet you and see that hyperbike cart of yours! I will be showing in the R part Thurs and will probably be around watching on Friday...have to work Sat and since I work in the ER in Grants Pass I HOPE I don't see anyone there! Anyway, I drive a white GMC diesel pulling a white 3 horse slant. My 2 horses are both yearling pinto's...look a lot alike! and I'm short, blonde short hair and on the chunky side. Hope to hook up with you there as well as any other forum folks.
I'd love to meet you. I have a weanling dark bay filly and a silver dapple 2 yr. old gelding, two young sons and will have my teenage son in tow, also.


We drive a white '04 F250 w/a small white trailer.

See ya there!

Liz M.
I will be with Sandy and have a dodge 4x4 with peeling paint on hood, black and silver.

I would like to invite anyone going to the show to visit as I live 15 miles fron the expo.
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