Rescues in PA?

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Nov 1, 2004
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I was just wondering if there were any rescues in Pennsylvania. I have a weanling Pinto colt, and wanted a companion for him.

I was lucky enough to find my Willy (free to a good home) and we are in PA. We are near the New Holland Auction barn and they told me Minis run through there sometimes for practically nothing
They are having a min/pony auction in December if your interested. I also found that if you just keep looking somnething may come up ;) I was going to get a mare who was older and sounded wonderful but I had to pass due to some surgery I have coming up and just couldn't take her right now
I am still distressed about that...perhaps you can post on the free "want" ads on this forum it is a great place ;) Good luck! If I run across anything I will let you know.

BTW where are you in PA?

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