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[SIZE=14pt]Remember the stallion that I bought earlier this year he was saved from living a life at the end of a dog chain in someones yard? Well he has lost some weight I dont have any new pics of him yet but will here soon. I am going to geld him and train him to pull a cart, he is already broke to ride. His papers were and still are a complete nightmare so I am not even going to mess sorting them out. I dont show so I really dont need them. When I first showed you all pics you all said a silver chestnut? a liver chestnut and I dont remember what else.. well as he has shed out his legs are a dark chocolate color and his body has turned to a lighter shade of brown but he has a dorsal stripe. it is very noticable and it is the same dark chocolate color as his legs. does this make him a different color???? His body almost reminds me of the color chocolate gets when its old.. lol.. that light brown color. here is a picture of him before I will get some pics of him now in a couple of days and I will make sure to get some good leg shots and some of his dorsal stripe.. any help you all can give is greatly appreciated![/SIZE]




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To me, he looks chocolate silver dapple, which is the color I think Destiny is, too, but have a similar thread wanting input as to what his color is correctly called. I own a mare (Teaspoon Parks Little Dallas / Tinkerbell) who is similar colored as well...
I was thinking that only a dun or a buckskin could have a dorsal stripe??? I might be wrong.. but these mini colors drive me crazy..



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silver chocolate or to be technically correct hes a silver dapple.

From that picture I'd say definitely a silver dapple.

But, do silver dapples have dorsal stripes? I haven't seen one, but that doesn't mean they don't!

To answer your question about dorsal stripes being only on duns and buckskins--there have been people that swear up & down that only duns have dorsal stripes, but I've seen plenty on buckskins too. Anyway, some bays have them--we have one "line back" silver bay here and I've known of others.

When I read your description my thought was silver bay, but from the picture, no, not silver bay, unless the current body color is quite different than in this photo.
Oh yes.....Silver Dapples can have "line backs". Technically, they are not dorsals...but countershading.

I had a Silver Dapple stallion once who had what "looked" like a dorsal that ran all the way thru his tail. It was more noticeable at different times of the year. He was from my own breeding & had absolutely no Dun or Buckskin behind him.

Your guy is a lovely Silver Dapple (the "Chocolate" variety, which is mearly another "shade" of Silver Dapple (Black x Silver).
I have no idea what color...these mini colors can get very confusing..he is very cute though, can't wait to see a current pic.
From the picture I would definitely have said some form of Silver BUT from the description he sounds just like my dark Red Dun mare- she lurks around pretending to be a Silver Bay, (and I WISH she was) and sounds exactly like your boy now.
Chocolate Silver Dapple....and cute!

ok it was actually half way decent here today so I went out in between rain storms and snapped a couple of pictures before my batteries died.. lol.. so here he is now.




I know they are not the greatest pics but he was being a brat b/c it was so hot and muggy out.


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Now he looks exactly like my Red Dun mare!!! I think it is likely, however, that he is a Silver Dun.
Still looks like a Chocolate Silver Dapple to me. Their shades will change throughout the seasons.

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