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Nov 30, 2002
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Really would love to browse. They have a stallion that is a full brother to mine. And they just have beautiful horses. Been checking and checking. Maybe I have the wrong address????

Anyone going in person?
We were thinking about going, but now that we got the colt we were looking for we aren't going. I would also love to see what they have for sale, they need to update their sale pages
I had e-mailed them about their sale and Toni just got back to me today.

She said their sale would be Aug. 20th at 3:00pm and that it would be on their website soon.

Reece Family
Add me to the impatient public! I wish these farms would update more often. I love to browse and I MAY just be in the market in the coming year or so, for a mare or even a colt!!!

Note that I said "May"!


Liz M.
We will be there!

Janet is managing the office again and I will be working the sale ring among other task.

See Ya There!
Rachael and I are thinking of going to watch but we were hoping it was in the morning rather than starting at 3. We have to be back in richmond for Church sunday am.

Good question - I've been "browsing" too and wondering when they would update.

I talked with Toni at the New England show a few weeks ago about the sale. Was hoping for a catalog far enough in advance to plan to go or not. I think she said sale catalog would be posted a couple weeks before sale, Maybe. We are looking for a few bred mares and friends are interested too. I am planning to go at this time.


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