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Mar 18, 2004
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North Ga.
I had been giving it to my Welsh X pony mare to help calm her down, but took her off as I haven't seen a bit of difference. Since I have so much left though, I decided to give it to me VERY fat and cresty necked mini gelding. I have been giving him just a scooper of it per day, but am wondering is this too much? Not enough? Thanks in advance!
Dr Worth will be happy to advise you on the dose of Quiessence for your mini based on his weight. You can reach her at www.foxdenequine.com. I have used it for supplementation of magnesium and chromium in cresty, laminitic-prone minis with good results, but have since switched to Uckele's Glycocemic for that purpose because of some added ingredients in that product (www.Uckele.com).

Robin C
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