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Jan 7, 2008
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Please help participate in an article pertaining to the expectations of Horse Owners and Trainers by completing our questionnaire. The article will be titled Mirrored Expectations. All the information is strictly confidential and anonymous. Even I as the author of the article will not know who participates and sends in the information, unless you disclose it on the form somewhere.

The objective of the article is to bring to the forefront with the hopes of it becoming a useful tool for understanding the needs and expectations of both the Trainer and Horse Owner. If a trainer hasn't recognized that there is a disconnect between horse trainers and the horse owners that provide them their income, then they must have 100% repeat business and their barn is full of client horses. Owners surely realize that we need Trainers in this industry.

The questions on this survey were derived over the past few years or so from listening to fellow horse owners and trainers comments about each other. This industry needs trainers!... and even in areas where trainers are abundant, horse owners are reaching further and further away from their geographic locations for their training needs. They feel their choices are becoming fewer and fewer due to bad experiences of their own and/or others. I feel we can close that gap and try to come to a better understanding.

Two separate surveys have been created to provide to horse Owners asking them about their expectations of Trainers and one for Trainers for their same and information about their services. There's always a 'mirrored' side to every circumstance.

I hope that you will take the time to participate. There are a lot of topics, so you may want to print out the form questions and write your answers out then go back to the form later to complete. The article will be a compilation from the information from the questionaires.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or problems regarding the forms. Also feel free to share these links with other trainers or horse owners.

Links to the forms:

Trainer’s Expectations Form Owner’s Expectations Form


Thank you! Joanne
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Don't be afraid to share your experiences... No one... will know who sends in the questionaires! The email form is sent anyonomous! The more input we have, the more we can share and learn about each other.

Trainers, show that you care about your clients and potential clients and participate! (Come on Trainers, Owners are ahead of you in participation!)

Owners, share your feelings and expectations to help trainers understand what you what and need!

Last day to participate will be Nov. 10, 2012. Simply complete the online questionaire and send! Easy as that.

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Trainers... only a few of you have participated.... It's hard to learn what your expectations / concerns / practices are .... if you don't let Owners know. Here's your chance! Maybe you don't feel this can help? If Owners understand the 'why' or how of certain topics.... don't you believe that can help you in your business? Please take a few moments and complete the appropriate questionaire

Trainer’s Expectations Form

Thank you Owners for sharing your information.
Be forewarned it is long, takes more then a few minutes and I found no way to save and return.
No one 'has' to participate if they don't want to and can exit their browser whenever they'd like to, if they find it too lengthy for them. Thanks for 'forewarning' though. Participants can always print it out first and do their answers at their leisure then go back to the form. Afterwards, you can print it from your computer if you'd like to keep a copy, and it's an "Email" form... so you just push send for a totally anonymous participation. No one person's information will be used and No names are used or will be used in the article. A lot of the questions are multiple choice type. But I guess if you have a lot to say... it may take a while on the paragraph capable questions. Regardless, all participants input is helpful. = )
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