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Dec 4, 2002
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Amery, Wisconsin
Well, the move is scheduled for the end of August. And I'm looking for someone that produces good quality, clean hay. Any suggestions, let me know. THANKS!

We have been VERY VERY dry here in Arkansas. I am NorthCentral in the Ozark foothills and I think we are about 8"+ below normal and our "normal" isn't very much.......

We make our own hay but this year I think I am also going to have to buy some extra as it did not make as much.

There is a place in El Paso, AR that has Great hay, I am going to call them and see if they are going to have any for sale that is not already called for - not sure just how much rain they have gotten this year, they are over an hour south of me. If they have some I will let you know.
We got a load from El Paso a couple of weeks ago, they are supposed to call us when the hay is ready to cut again, do you want me to call you when they let us know?
JMS, is the hay expensive from that place? We're only a couple hours from Rogersville. Wonder if they'll let you pick it up, or if they only deliver?
Thanks for the info !! Yes, I just came back from closing on the new place and saw how dry everything is. I'm sure hay prices will be sky-rocketing, dad-gum it!! Thank goodness my "herd" is half the size it used to be!

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