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Aug 22, 2003
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I am still thinking of getting a shetland. I have a question in regards to modern vs classic. Do the papers state which they are or is decided by the owners opinion? If you have a modern mare and breed her to a classic stallion, what would that make the foal?

There is a mare I like that is modern, she is nice and has wonderful personality, however as a rule I am more attracted to the Classic and Foundation shetlands.
hi barbara!

I have found its very hard to decipher LOL. My shetland is a modern due to the fact that she has hackney blood. But she does not at all fit in with what people think of when you say modern shetland. Shes not a hot all fire wild eyed extremely refined shetland. But she doesnt fit as a classic either as she has too much natural movement. But dang do we love her and she has the most amazing personality!

Im sure lewella can answer this much better lol
Well I don't know that much about the ponies (only have one)....

With the moderns there are A papered moderns and B papered moderns. Ok with the A papered ones they can show EITHER classic or modern - whatever their type may be or how their owner wants to show them. I have seen several A papered ones go out with some shoes on and training into the modern classes and a few years later with them natural they are a classic. With the B papered moderns they can ONLY show in the modern division.

I think the A and B classification has to deal with how much hackney blood they have in them and how close up - Not sure on that.

With the moderns you can also classify them as Modern or Modern pleasure - where the pleasure horses don't show with the tail set or padded shoes - more natural.

My sheltand is a B papered modern - but I show her modern pleasure, as she isn't as animated as the moderns. She pinto which makes her stand out against the other moderns, she is more refined than most Classics to me (most moderns seem to be more lanky), yet she is still very pretty. She has a great personality - very spunky and pretty hot, but very smart and gentle too. Here is a pic of her, Summertime Plumeria - I didn't have time to show her much this year, but at her first and only show she went Champion of Champions - Modern/Modern Pleasure.

Hi bcody,

You sign your name as being from Ft. Worth Texas. I live in Burleson and would like to invite you out to come see our Classic Shetlands that we own and would b happy to show you the difference between a Modern and a Classic.

In answer to your question regarding the breeding of a Modern to a Classic...If the mare is "B" papered then the resulting foal would be "B" papered. Remember, not all "A" papered Shetlands are Classics it goes back to "Type". A very good friend of mine has a "A" papered Shetland but that animal is a Modern Pleasure Pony and even was the Modern Pleasure Pony of the Year in 2003.

Drop me an email and we'll set a time for you to stop by and see the ponies.

Karen Shaw

Fiddlestix Miniatures & Shetlands

Burleson Texas

11-1-04 Hi: The B designation only refers to the amount of non-shetland blood in an animal and has nothing to do with type. We have two mares, both B's and one is Classic in type and the other is a Modern type, but since both have 25% Hackney blood they're lumped together. And you can breed certain B's to an A and get an A PROVIDED the A animal is a straight A, and the B animal is only 25% non-shetland blood. I almost think they should have designated B animals as 50% and maybe 25% animals as C -- ie you could breed a C to an A and get an A, but not a B to an A. To become an A an animal may have only 1/8th or 12 1/2% outside blood. Confusing, huh? But once you figure it out, it's really simply. Took me awhile, but I finally understood. Just keep in mind the amount of B blood and you'll be okay. As for differences between Classic and Modern, it's easy... if you've got a middle of the road Classic and an extreme Modern -- you can tell in a glance, but when you get into the more refined Classics and the less refined Moderns (read Pleasure) it's a hard call. Go with your gut. Everyone has a picture in their mind of what a Classic looks like and not everyone has the same picture in their mind -- ponies are not cookie cutter creatures. My best suggestion would be to get some old Journals from the 80's when the Classic classes were formed. I have a picture of LUST'S WOODSMAN, known as the King of the Classics, that made my jaw drop -- especially since we have from time to time taken a lot of heat on our Classics. Remember too that many of the ponies you see in the ring are YOUNG and they are naturally slimmer and more refined that say a 5 or 6 year old. Hope I helped and didn't add to the confusion. Good luck. Shirlee
Karen, Thanks for the offer! I will get in touch!!!

Thanks everyone for helping out.

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