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Aug 18, 2003
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OK, I get all these ideas going around in my head, but never seem to know what to do about them
Firstly, I was wondering if there are any others of you who might be able to head down and help out if we were allowed in. I could possibly go for a while. Husband will start farming in the next month so that will affect when I could go and how long, but I think my husband and in-laws could watch the boys if I am needed to help. Secondly, is there anyway to contact a federal agency or something to set up a fund specifcally for livestcok owners? They need some of the most immediate help trying to repair fences and feed stock. One last thing. Is there a way we could set up a special auction to donate items to for fundraising and how does that work? Do you have the buyer pay a certain person or the the seller collect the money then send it to a designated person???? See I told ya lots of ideas, no smarts to implement them.

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