Putting weight on a Jack?

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Oct 2, 2004
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My donkey buddy has my Priscilla's soon to be love Elvis and the infamous Anne Margaret LOL Anyway...I am taking care of them this weekend and I notice Elvis is still thin (can see his hips a little) and Annie is quite full. Is it harder to keep weight on a Jack?? he is grained/hayed/ and on nice pasture 24/7. What else can we do for him??
Not the Jack I had for 6 years. He was not gelded and right next to 2 mares and He never was hard to keep weight on.. He was for the most part ONLY on hay with little to No pasture and NO grain what so ever~! I would look into some other things that night be wrong..Like teeth need floating or is he worrying over the others or walking around pacing to much, worrying about the girls... I don't know just a guess, but my Jack was for the most part over wt. most of time with just hay~!
I have no problem keeping weight on my jacks/geldings either, and for the most part they are just on hay,no pasture, with a little bit of grain each day. Do you ever see him --when he is eating his hay, lose any of it? It would come out , like in a "chewed up chunk" or hear him "knacking" when he eats? He could have some hooks on his teeth that need to be taken care of. Has he had his teeth floated lately? Has hs beenwormed? Donkeys get lung worms, and only certain wormers will take care of that problem. I use Panacur. Corinne

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