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Oct 2, 2004
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My friend who owns Elvis (Priscilla's love LOL) the vet told her to up his grain to add some weight? What do you guys suggest? I thought too much grain was bad...


I don't know much about them yet, as I just got my first one about 4 mos ago. I also have two mini horses. He was really skinny when he got here, so I started giving him 1/4 cup of 12% sweet feed 2x a day....he also eats grass hay with the horses. That must have been too much because now he has a big belly. I've cut him back to 1/8 cup each feeding. We'll see if that makes a difference. I have already found that they put on weight a lot easier than the horses do. Both of the horses are very easy keepers and get 1/2 cup 2x a day. I'm sure somebody who has more experience with them will be able to help you out.
Big bellies can be a sign of malnutrition. Also I noticed in our donks when they dont cary weight like the horses do. They dont really fill out nicely all over they hold more weight in the belly.

HOw old is your donkey and what is he/she getting fed right now?
Elvis is 6 months old and gets free hay (which he doesn't eat too much of) and 2c of grain a day (which I heard here is quite a lot) My Pri gets Free hay and probably 1/4-1/2 2x a day
OUr jenny here, who is a comeing yearling gets free choice hay, and at least 2 cups of grain a feeding. She is with the horses her age. That is alot of grain for a mature donkey as they do get fat easy. But for a baby I dont think it is.

This is my donkey I bought a year ago. He is the father of the mini mule in my avatar. I feed him 2 cps of Equine adult am and pm gets pasture all day and hay at night. He is of very good weight now, was a little thin when I bought him a yr ago. He loves to eat so I monitor his grain intake. Most donkeys do well on just hay and pasture but I just feel I need to grain him like my horses. Just be careful not to over grain, donkeys are prone to getting over weight. Also keep him on a good deworming program and have his teeth checked for points.

He should pick up weight for you soon.

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