Putting mares and foals together

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RnRs Lilnickers

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Sep 9, 2003
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I want to put my two mares with foals together but I am afraid the foals will get hurt if the mares fight, I am sure they will have to go a few rounds before they settle down with each other so what do you guys suggest?
Are the mares new to the herd or have they been together before?? Either way..the foals will get out the way..it's much safer than putting bred mares together that are "new" to the herd
Good luck to you!!
we always put the mare and new foal in the roundpen right next to the pasture the other mares are on. This way they can all see the new foal but not touch it. We do this for about 3 or 4 days until we see that everyone is used to seeing the foal and no one is charging.

One of the sweetest things i have seen is when we bring a new foal and mom out for the first time and all the mares line up to have their first look. Way too sweet!!!
I waited once the foals are 2 weeks of age before they go to the big pasture or together. By then they know mom very well, can see pretty well, and is good on there legs very well.

I had mine where they can see eachother thru a fence. Of course these 2 mares knew eachother from the beginning. No fight whatsoever. Only time they don't get along is during feeding time.

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