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Apr 26, 2006
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My wife has a new puppy! its a ten week old chiwawa [ if thats how you spell it? ] that when I hold it I can feel its ribs pop. it doesnt seem to bother the pup or anyone else but me . Im not squeasing it , it just lays on my forearm. does anyone know if this is normal? something to be alarmed about? nothing to be worryed about. in a couple more weeks its going back to the vet for shots, should I bring this up? I dont have much experiance with small breeds, and this is just the tinyest little thing. Im half afraid to pick it up. any ideas? DR.
My dog is a Chihuahua X Poodle and was teeny tiny when a puppy and she used to get sore ribs from being picked up too much because she had hardly any meat on her bones but there was never any "popping"

I would say its something to get checked out at the vet..these little ones can run into a few problems like that.

Nicole (mininik) here on the forum is very knowledgeable about this sort of thing, you might want to PM her incase she doesn't see this.

Good Luck, I'd be interested to see how yo get on.
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I raised and showed Chihuahuas for many years, and no, that is NOT normal! Yes, I would definately have that checked out by the vet.

CONGRATULATIONS on your new "baby"!
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Congratulations on the new Chihuahua pup. If she were mine I would get her in to the vet ASAP as what you are describing is definitely NOT normal. If something is broken or dislocated in there it should be addressed right away, not in a few weeks when shots are due.
well the vet wasnt in but the vets assistant looked her over and said "Shes not tender anywhere, doesnt seem to have any broken bones, and seems happy and well adjusted. it may be just growing adjustments." So I guess we will see the vet in a couple of weeks. DR.
Err... okay. Well, vet assistants, techs, whatever aren't veterinarians. In some states you don't even have to go through any schooling to get the job. I've raised many pups (small to large) and have never had any ribs popping as you described. In people that is a sign of dislocation. If this were my pup, I would want a qualified opinion. Dogs don't always show how tender they really are.

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